The Fireworks Applet 2.1

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The fireworks applet displays a number of fireworks rockets and animates them according to a set of user definable attributes. If you're not using a Java-supporting browser, this page will be rather boring.

  • 1995 First version, hosted on
    This was one of the first available applets, and made it to Sun's lists of applets "around the world". That lists consisted of about 20 applets at that time. The Fireworks applet was written with the current APIs of that time, meaning that some things like double buffering were simply not possible.
  • 1997, Spotfire period, hosted on
    Good luck, CA!
  • 1998 The wedding gift, hosted on
    As a wedding gift are all commercial rights to the Fireworks Java Applet transferred to Jonas and Lotta Helin as of June 27 1998
  • 1999 hosted on
  • 2002 Some cleanup
    hosted on

To use the fireworks applet yourself:

You may freely use the applet for non-commercial purposes as much as you like. If you plan to use it for commercial purposes, you should check with me ( or the Helins ( first.
Please mail me at if you have any other questions or comments.

Get the complete Fireworks page + Java classes in one file

Save this file as fireworks.tgz, then unpack the .tgz file (with WinZip, gtar or any other program which handles gzipped, tarred files) into your WWW directory. If this works OK, you should get all needed classes and texts, including this one.

...or copy the source

The Fireworks Java source (v2.1) and compile it yourself

...or copy the precompiled JAR file

Please use your browser's "Save as..." function to retrieve this file Note that the above file should be the exact size as mentioned above, after download. If not, or you get an error like "Applet can't start. Error: Java.lang ClassFormatError", please retry loading after tweaking suitable options in your browser.

In your own www page, then add something like this

   WIDTH=80 HEIGHT=200>
   <param name=ROCKETS     value="10">
   <param name=POINTS      value="20">
   <param name=LIFELENGTH  value="30">
   <param name=GRAV        value="180">
   <param name=DELAY       value="40">
   <param name=POINTSIZE   value="2">
   <param name=TRAIL       value="4">
   <param name=COLOR       value="000050">

Supported functions

applet is restarted

Supported parameters

Number of rockets to animate (default 3)
Number of points in each rocket (default 3)
Pixelsize of points (default 2)
Duration of rockets, counted in number of frames (default 100)
Gravity. Large value => rockets fall down fast (default 10)
Delay in milliseconds between frames (default 50)
(Warning: delay=0 consumes a lot of browser cpu time)
Number of trailing points (default 10)
COLOR rrggbb
RGB hex triple for applet background (default browser background)
Applet width in pixels (default tiny = browser default?)
Applet height in pixels (default tiny = browser default?)
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